Exploring blockchain technology with data science and software

Limitless Possibilities

Combining blockchain technology with data scientific domains such as artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI & ML), data analytics, and cloud computing has the potential to realize tremendous value for a variety of stakeholders within the blockchain ecosystem and beyond.

As software entities, blockchains produce burgeoning datasets across a variety of subjects, all of which can be examined using programmatic and statistical methodologies.

Here at SandLabs, we peer through the lens of data science at blockchain-related topics to unearth deeper, more rich domain understandings to better realize societal benefit.

Our Domains of Emphasis:

Artificial Intelligence

From regression for forecasting, to deep generative neural architectures, to reinforcement learning agents, AI — especially machine learning (ML) — helps us to better unearth hidden insights about the world around us

Cloud Computing

For all of our research and development, cloud computing enables us to embrace a serverless architecture, always ready to deploy and scale up

Data Scouting and Storytelling

From finding the next best data source, to creating insightful, interactive visualizations, scouting and storying telling is hands-on data work

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts enable new frontiers in decentralized logic execution. We both develop our own smart contracts, as well as analyze industry-wide deployments of smart contracts

Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Combining web app frontends with blockchain smart contract backends, DApps help to power some of the most popular blockchain-related services and will serve as the user interface to our smart contract implementations

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

We are collecting DeFi data so we can make implementations such as automated market makers, quantitative finance investment algorithms, and more